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Ready Stock - Seamless Adjustable Vest Nubra/Vbra/Push Up Bra (nb3)
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1)Perfect design gathered the breast together created more cleavage
2)Widen wings design picked up the bilateral excess fat under armpit.
3)Self-Stick polyolefin gel provides with stronger stickiness (Anti Drop)
4)Suitable for wedding gown/ night dressing gown/ bikini


How to wear
1. Clean your chest and armpits before wearing NuBra, loose the rope to the maximum.
2. Flip the NuBra outward for easier to stick it on the breast
3. Tilt it 45 ° vertical and stick the NuBra surround of breast
4. Gather and centralize the breast, then tighten the rope to perform push-up effect.

Warm Reminder:
* Please wipe your breast with wet tissue / bath body before stick nu bra to retain stickiness of nubra.

Cleaning and maintenance
1, Removal Method
First unlock the anterior cingulate, and then cover with one hand and hold the center, one hand extended direction buttons slowly peel off the cup, after removing, if there is sticky residue on the skin, just gently wipe with a paper towel, etc. can.

2, Cleaning Method
Put warm water after each use must contain emollients or neutral soap, if not for washing, who have to sweat discharge will remain in the cover label, paste sticky glue will slowly lose.

3, Air-dried Method
After washing, gently hijacked excess water and then put the basin or place is not easy to stick dust dry naturally. Do Not Dried with paper towels or a towel, or if the wool falls on the surface of the cup of paste, paste and life will have the effect of weakening. After dried, replace the transparent protective film as soon as possible to prevent dust or anything attached surface.

Remember: Please do not lose a transparent protective film. As Nubra not in use, the transparent protective film should be attached to the top.

Size Available: A Cup,B Cup, C Cup

Color Available : Nude and Black

Packaging: Opp plastic bag + Bubble wrap

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